Financieel steunen. Un don financier.

Details over de geleverde hulp dankzij de donaties vind je lager op de pagina. On vous communique tous les détails sur l'aide fourni grâce a vos dons plus bas sur la page.

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Update 08/08

  • We've distributed around 2.200 warm meals (soups and main course) in Vaux-sous-Chèvremont, Tilff and Chênée. Thanks to our cooking team! We were able to do this thanks to an endless stream of food donations by some big companies.
  • We'll likely cook our last meal today. Army, CPAS/OCM and local governments are taking this over.
  • The website is running and gets updated continuously: we're adding translations and the possibility to upload pictures of furniture that's offered on the platform. The logistics remain a hefty challenge. We're a bit off course on our automated mailings due to some technical deliverability issues. We hope to get these resolved this Monday.
  • We ran a Facebook-campaign to generate specific donations in the region of Liège and Namur (looking for fridges, logements, etc). It had 990.244 impressions and reached 520.825 people. It had less impact than we'd hoped.
  • We are in contact with Rotary, Lions Club and loads of companies that want to offer their structural help. Especially with logistics (transport and keeping furniture).
  • In alot of cities and towns electricity is working again. One incoming line, but no control cabinets yet. It does however open up possibilities to cook a bit, plug in a microwave or use a powertool.
  • Unfortunately, there's is a massive shortage of handymen, electricians, builders etc. We're talking to one of the biggest platform centralising the offer. But completely fixing the shortage will be a challenge.
  • The province of Liège has launched an information portal. That functionality of our website thus no longer solves an urgent need. A big open question is how the donation of big furniture pieces will be managed. We'll wait and see if our platform can still be relevant in this new process.

Financial situation:

We've received €13.541,53 through gofundme and private donations. More is pledged.

6,4% of the total goes to the platform (Gofundme).

Other costs:

1185,8 Hopper (mobile kitchen)

592,36  Delhaize (food)

40,6     Hopper (mobile kitchen)

247,40   Horecatotaal (food)

136,02   Airtable pro (2 month license for ' peple)

280,55  Softr business (2 month licence for 2 collaborators)

1010,54  Eurpoint (2 generators)

1000    Facebook ads

86,64   Aronde (food)

650     Rent cooltruck, 2 weeks

120     Gas for mobile kitchen

This leaves us with a current budget of €10.545,13

You can donate directly:

Frankly Speaking Comm.V

Karperstraat 15/0102

9870 Machelen-aan-de-Leie


BE60 3900 7156 8170

with the communication "donatie Aidehulp 14-7"

What's next?

An urgent need we spot is the dampness in houses. Loads of those houses are still lived in, which is a very unhealthy situation that could lead to mold, fungus and repiratory conditions. Others need to wait for their houses to dry to even start working on them.

We're planning to rent or buy industrial dryers that could serve multiple families (drying 2 weeks each per family or house). Depending on the scenario (cost, partner, etc) we'd be able to help between 60 to 120 families live in drier and healthier conditions.

Stay tuned for updates!